Perfect for a cold and rainy Autumn afternoon.


  • construction paper – orange, green
  • markers, crayons
  • stick glue
  • paper bag


After cutting 10 – 15 pumpkin shapes from orange construction paper, and glueing tiny green stems to each,  hide the pumpkins throughout a room. Then, with a bag in hand, allow your child to search for and collect the pumpkins.

Extension Idea(s):

There are lots of ways to extend and adjust this activity.

  • After collecting pumpkins, count the harvest
  • Allow children to decorate the pumpkins and collection bags.
  • Rather than setting the children loose on an “easter egg” hunt, give them verbal clues to locate the pumpkins.  “Turn left, step back, look up…”
  • Use the pumpkins in other activities like a memory game
  • Write letters or numbers on the pumpkins to reinforce recognition