Preschool Activity Sorting Box Image

Learning about the world around us is so much fun. In this preschool sorting activity, children are asked to sort as they learn and review how animals live and move.


Get Busy

  1. Divide sorting box into three sections.  We created walls from scrap cardboard inside our sorting box, but this isn’t necessary.  You can simply draw lines as dividers.
  2. In one section draw a land environment, in another section draw a sky environment, and in the third section draw a water environment  (or print our ready made designs).  If you draw or print your artwork on paper rather than directly on the box, you can reuse the box for future sorting projects.
  3. Draw three to five animals to match with each environment . You might consider using magazine clippings or clipart from the internet for this step.
  4. Discuss each environment and ask your child about organisms that might live there.  Direct them to think about how animals in each environment move (walk, fly, swim).
  5. Ask your little one to sort the animal cards based on each animals preferred way of moving (walking, flying, swimming).

Reuse your box for other sorting topics.  Here are few of our favorites:

  • farm machines – recreation machines – transit machines.
  • hot foods – cold foods – room temperature foods
  • mammals – reptiles – birds
  • holiday icons