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Who says you can’t play with your food.  Certainly not us.  In this counting skills activity it is required.


Counting Skills Cards – Art Time

Count the circles with your little one and allow them to use crayons to color the pictures.

Counting Skills Cards – Snack Time

Begin by counting the circles with your little one, then ask them to take the same number of marshmallows from a bowl and place one on each circle.  After correctly placing the snacks on the counting cards, then it’s time to eat the counted snacks and start all over again!

Counting Skills Cards – Glue Time

Follow the snack time  plan but rather than eat the snacks, help your child glue each to the card. Then hang the cards where they can be reviewed each day.

Counting Cards

Counting Cards

Download the a free printable counting activity sample of our Counting Skills Cards.  To order the entire set of cards printed on heavy weight 110lbs card stock, visit the Counting Skills Cards product page.